ClubDom – Jean Bardot and Simone Kross from

Jean Bardot and Simone Kross from clubdom videos are sick and tired of their mouthy bitch. So, Jean grabs the whore by his neck and begins slapping him right in the face. Then these sluts start using their feet on this poor bastard. The moment he felt her feet on his face he actually came. Nasty Simone laughs as the sluts’s face grows beat reddish. Click here for more club dom videos!


Extreme ball punishment

We have a very nice clubdom ballbusting video for you today to enjoy. Watch as these two dominating mistresses abuse the hell out of their slave’s balls. They sure have him acting obedient and all. Perhaps they might consider rewarding him for his outstanding performance, being so submissive and all. Enjoy this update everyone and have fun!

mean females abusing guy's balls

See these nasty ladies abusing slave’s balls!


Whipping torture

The mistresses at clubdom caught one of the man whores they have talking back at them. And that called for some serious punishment. The poor guy found himself restrained and had his balls and cock whipped so he’d learn to behave next time one of the mistresses tells him to do something. Enjoy this guy being disciplined by his sexy mistresses.male slave gets whipped

Watch these kinky mistresses whipping their slave!


ClubDom – Slap down the male bitch

Clubdom  had a treat for the mistresses at the mansion today. They got a fresh new man slave to toy around and torture. The guy had no idea what he was getting himself into, as he doesn’t know how severely he’ll be punished if he takes a wrong step in the eyes of these sexy dominatrix’s. Surely enough they’ll just have their way with him like they always do.

sexy mistresses slapping their submissive guy

Watch these sexy mistresses slapping their submissive guy!


Feet worship

These two clubdom mistresses got bored today, and they decided to have some fun with one of the man slaves that were just laying around unattended. The two make the guy lick their feet clean in this very awesome foot worship gallery. And hope he does a good job, because you know how picky these women can be sometimes. Enjoy!

feet abuse on clubdom

See this seductive babe having her feet worshiped by slave!


Club dom ballbusting

It’s that time of the week again, and that means only one thing.It’s time for some club dom ballbusting videos for you to enjoy. Watch this tattooed mistress perform a ball punishment treatment on this guy in this very hot video. See the poor guy’s cock and balls tortured at the whim of this sexy redheaded mistress, that has a passion for dishing out pain.

insane ballbusting on clubdom

Watch this nasty tattooed mistress in a balls beating video!


Hailey milks a cock

This week you just have to check and see Ashley milking the cock of one of her man slaves. She restrains him on the table for the extremely delicate and sexy extraction. And in no time she’s providing him with a very fast and furious hand job much to his delight actually. Anyway, our mistress eventually gets what she wants.

hailey milks a helpless cock

Check out as this restrained dude gets forced to cum twice!


Ashley produces the cum

For today’s free club dom videos we have mistress Ashley demonstrating how to milk your man slave. She demonstrates proper procedure as the subject has to be immobilized for this process. Ad she strokes his cock faster and faster the guy eventually cums for his mistress as she collects all of the warm jizz that he blows.

male slave forced to cum male slave gets milked by sexy mistress

Enjoy as this male slave gets immobilized and forced to cum!


ClubDom – ball punishment

As you know by now clubdom is here to bring you the best of femdom fetishes. And this time it’s no different, as three mistresses decide it’s time to punish their male slave. And he seems to love every moment of the abuse as the chicks step with their high heels on his cock and balls for some hard style abuse. Enjoy this update!

mean mistresses teasing cock with their feet

Check out these mistresses abusing cock with their feet!


Mad and furious mistresses

Today one of the clubdom male slaves did some mistakes, and his mistresses are utterly furious with him. And since he dared talk back to them the punishment was very harsh. The two bound his hands and had him standing straight as they started kicking him in the balls. Ouch! but that’s really a reward for him since he loves them so much.

nasty mistresses kicking slave balls

Watch these mean mistresses kicking slave’s balls!