ClubDom – Humiliation

These clubdom mean Mistresses Megan, Brianna and Kendra take advantage of a brand new bitch that is behaving very inappropriately, and the one thing this poor submisssive club dom slave gets to drink is their own spit and some face slaps. So just sit back and watch the show as these three hotties take the dude on the ride of his life as they will do one fine job of abusing this naughty man. We hope that you enjoyed the scene and we’ll see you once more in the following weeks with some more fresh content. Until then enjoy guys and let’s just sit back to truly enjoy this hot scene.

The three mistresses sure sure know how to have fun. And they’re very eager to have their fun with him. all three of them were wearing some very hot and enticing outfits. One babe just had a nice and sexy latex lingerie set, another sported the same thing albeit with a nice and hot red corset, and the last one had a super sexy latex dress on her. And all of them have some nice and sexy body curves just made more preeminent by their choice of clothing for today. Well anyway, enjoy seeing them treat this guy rough and be sure to check back next week for even more superb scenes that await you.

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ClubDom Video – Ball Busting

Check out the next ClubDom video and enjoy as this perverted mistress beats the shit out of her slave’s balls. She will humiliate her slave like never before, so have fun watching this brand new Infernal Restraints update and see how this perverted mistress will bust her slave’s balls. And you will be in for a show when you will see this seductive mistress as the tortures her man slave’s balls in this nice session. We know for a fact that you will love it and be sure to not miss one singe scene of this little update guys. See you next time with more, and enjoy!

The woman sure knows what her little man slut enjoys. And so you get to see as she punishes the dude’s naughty cock with her little latex baton. Sure enough eventually she has the stud jerking off to her instructions as she talks dirty to him. And in the spur of the moment as he orgasms, he manages to blow his jizz load on this sexy lady’s boots. She was not pleased with this, and then she had the dude lick his own jizz off of her knee high leather boots. We hope that you enjoyed your stay everyone, and as usual we will return next time with more hot scenes for you to see. Until then!

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This stupid male bitch gets humiliated by the nasty mistress by fucked and bound him and in all the way she wants to. Enjoy as the sexy mistress punishes her little man slut for behaving badly today. She calls him in and he makes his appearance walking on all fours as he knows he’s been a very bad boy today. Watch as the sexy latex mistress lights up a cigar and uses his tongue as a nice little ashtray while he just has to sit there obediently. But we know that this babe is actually just training him to be obedient and patient. And as you will see in this nice little video she can be quite gentle too.


Sit back and watch as in this nice movie clip you can see the red headed sexy lady as she teases the guy with some dirty talk. And all the while you also get to see her teasing him as she asks him if he’d want to fuck her pussy. Of course he can’t respond, and every time he tried to give an answer he just gets to wait a little bit longer. well by the end it’s been a good while, and the sexy woman doesn’t feel like giving him any special rewards. And so, the guy just gets to sit there some more as she plays with her latex bra and shows off her round tits to the cameras in this nice update!

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Club Dom – Helpless Balls

In this fred club dom video update Kendra James is embarrassed with her bitch’s balls. She ties him to a bondage seat and starts nailing his pointless nuts.Then she kicks the male slut in his balls till he loses his air. Then she slap him right in the face telling him that he must be grateful. Check out the entire clubdom video inside. For this scene you will get to enjoy seeing this little submissive man slut as he gets his balls kicked by his rough mistress today. And if there’s one thing she does well, it’s that she knows how to torture her sex slaves. Watch her have some fun.

helpless balls at clubdom

Well heaven only knows what this stud managed to do to piss off this sexy lady so much, but hey, at least that makes for some quality entertainment. Sit back and see the scene as this harsh lady gives him some proper kicks in the balls. But the babe, like many other ladies here can show some leniency, and for the end you get to see her play with his cock. She starts jerking him off as well and talks very naughty to him. And you can bet that eventually he blew his load all into her slutty hands. Like the chicks from the strapon dreamer site this kinky bitch is very skilled in offering amazing handjobs! Well that’s it for this one as well. You know where to find us next week for more hot and sexy fem dom scenes guys. We’ll be seeing you then and we’ll have some fresh stuff to show off!

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Crucified ClubDom

Jean Bardot and Mistress Ashley from clubdom whip their slut, taking great satisfaction in his hurting. When the bitch cries out, he’s appropriately disciplined. Mistresses Jean as well as Ashley enjoy every club dom sadistic minute of punishing their male slave. See this male bitch experiencing the beating of his life as you get to watch. The two mistresses dressed in some enticing red latex do one fine job of punishing their male slut today as they both give him a good whipping over the back as they won’t stop until he leans to obey their every word. Well let’s not wait around and see the scene.

As the cameras start to roll, you can see that these two brunettes wearing hot and sexy red latex, are very rough. And as this guy was very naughty they were really in need to do something to teach him a lesson. Sit back and watch them punishing this poor evil angel, and watch as by the end they also show him some mercy and give him the privilege to have some fun with their pussies. Sit back and enjoy the whole thing this fine afternoon, and enjoy as the guy gets to experience both pleasure and pain. We will return as always with some more nice and hot scenes for you guys next week.

crucified dude gets whipped

Watch this poor slave crucified and tortured!


Balls Get Punished

Mistress Sade and her frend Goddess Brianna from have their bitch suspended by his legs and his balls secured behind his back. They’re going to punish this slut’s balls and savor every minute of it. Check out this club dom femdom clip from 21sextreme today. And you just have to see this superb update guys. You can’t miss it for the world as you can see a pair of superb and smoking hot women punishing a guy very harshly today. Heavens only know what he did to get himself tied upside down as the ladies torture his balls for your viewing pleasure. Well we know you’re eager to get started so let’s do so.

balls get punished

As another fresh week started off, we wanted to bring you some more duos of sexy mistresses as they have fun with studs, and in this nice scene you get to see the two ladies wearing some nice and sexy leather outfits as they go about to tease this guy. They also decided to tie him upside down as they’d play with his cock, and what resulted was a very nice and hot little video scene. So sit back and watch the females dominating this guy as they tease his cock with jerking him off, and then watch as they have him blow his load all over the place in this nice update. See you next week with some more!

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Club Dom Videos – Foot Bitch Owned

Brianna and Allison Foot Bitch Owned. Check out some great footjob scenes inside JB Video. This particular video has the two horny and harsh mistresses as they threat their submissive male slave to some nice foot job sessions today while he gets to sit on his back as he’s suppose to stand still, while his mistresses do their job. Enjoy the scene guys and be sure to check out our next updates as well. See you soon, but for now just sit back and relax as you get to see these sexy babes giving their man slut the nice foot treatment that they want. And so let’s get started.

So we had here a nice and sexy blonde with short hair, and a very busty and cute brunette. And it seems that you should never let these two mistresses be together to play with their male sluts, and for this fine day that seemed to happen. Well the two of them would do a pretty nice job to get rough with the stud, and so they went ahead to treat him roughly. Watch as the blonde starts to give him a foot job, and see the sexy brunette offer up her sexy feet to the guy as she has him licking on them. And by the end, the blonde’s sexy feet were all covered in the dude’s sticky jizz as he came. So enjoy it and see you next week!


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Club Dom Brianna

Bruised Cock and Battered Balls. Goddess club dom Brianna and Mistress Kendra have their own slut hooded and secured into a ball stock. These ladies give this poor slut the CBT, cock and ball, whipping of his existence. When bruises arise on the slut’s penis and also balls it powers the ladies sadistic madness. Next on Brianna makes a metal round and starts fucking the slut’s dicks. The terrified DomKarin bitch trembles as the females laugh, savoring his fear and hurting. Well let’s not waste anymore time to just get to the part that all of you guys want to see shall we?

cock and balls beating

Once more we have a pair of very dominant little ladies clad in leather and they are more than happy to have some rough fun with the stud that they got their slutty little hands on. Like we said this whole thing was organized by Brianna and this babe sure knows how to make things entertaining. Sit back and see these hotties play with this dude’s cock and see them getting rough with it in this scene. The guy enjoyed himself allot and how could you not do that when these women have taken a great interest in your cock. Enjoy the nice BDSM scene and do come back next week for some more!

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ClubDom Megan

Megan’s New Whipping Boy! Mistress clubdom Megan has a new toy to destroy. She’s got his nut balls in a vice along with his hands cuff down firmly. She then sizes the poor man bitch up. Ohhhh, this club dom pics are going to be exciting. When he starts to whimper and whine she rips off his nipps clamps and shoves them into his mouth. Next she lays back with her beat. Megan really knows how to have an excellent time at Chantas Bitches. Cum inside for our free video collection and Watch her using a strapon dick on his ass. So just sit back and let’s het this nice party started today.

The scene starts with this sexy babe all dressed in leather as she tales the time to have her fun with her underling. She likes to take her men for a nice and hard ride and today this guy was on the recieving end of her need. Watch as she makes quick work of his clothes and just takes the time to taunt him thoroughly with her sexy outfit and bog boobs as she roughs up his body today. Then you get to see this babe deliver some more punishment as she takes on her big strap on dildo and has the guy sitting upside down. Sit back and watch this sexy woman fuck that guy’s ass fast and hard in this scene with her dildo!

clubdom megan using a strapon dick on a helpless bitch

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ClubDom – whip warehouse

Goddess Deanna and Mistress Aleana from clubdom videos enjoy exploiting all males that work on their behalf. When a likely employee comes in for an job interview they describe that male workers are kept in chastity and provided a 15 minute brake every thirty days. This male is desperate for some work and accepts this position. Check out this club dom femdom clip and watch as they milk the new employee, feed him with his own dirt and set him into chastity. In the end the ladies bang the male whore in the ass with their strap on, getting off on the strength they have over this poor dude.

nasty employee receives a hard beating at work

When all this is over clubdom ladies Deanna and Aleana laugh at each other. And today you get to see all the fun that was had with these two hot msitresses as they had their fun with this muscled guy for the whole afternoon. They know how to treat men that are into BDSM and this guy was very lucky to have them take care of him in this nice and hot scene today. Watch as this guy gets his body roughened up by the two sexy and busty babes wearing leather. And make sure to drop by next week for some more nice and hot image galleries everyone!

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