Two Mistresses Abusing Cock With Their Feet!

As you know by now clubdom is here to bring you the best of femdom fetishes. And this time it’s no different, as three mistresses decide it’s time to punish their male slave. And he seems to love every moment of the abuse as the chicks step with their high heels on his cock and balls for some hard style abuse. Enjoy this update and see one more kinky male slave as he gets to have his cock and balls given some rough treatment from the two ladies today for the afternoon. We bet that you will enjoy it anyway, so let’s just get started with this whole scene and see them in action shall we everyone?

The two mistresses sure loved to take their time playing with his cock and balls, and they were going to enjoy the treatment they gave him as much as possible today. So just take your time and see this unruly stud as he gets his cock and balls punished for the whole afternoon and hear him moaning in pleasure too. We will be returning next week once more with some fresh scenes as well so stay tuned to catch them too everyone.

mean mistresses teasing cock with their feet

Check out these mistresses abusing cock with their feet!