Mad and Furious Mistresses

Today one of the clubdom male slaves did some mistakes, and his mistresses are utterly furious with him. And since he dared talk back to them the punishment was very harsh. The two bound his hands and had him standing straight as they started kicking him in the balls. Ouch! but that’s really a reward for him since he loves them so much. Anyway, let’s sit back and take the time to admire this stud as he gets to have his body abused by his tough mistresses this nice afternoon for being such a naughty man.

nasty mistresses kicking slave balls

As the scene starts off you get to see the lovely ladies dragging this stud in the middle of the room and beginning their little treatment session for him. So just sit back and watch them as they start to take their time punishing and abusing his body as much as they want. You can rest assured that the sex slave was very much okay with this treatment and as you can see he enjoyed himself quite a lot with it. Well what else can be said, we hope that you had fun with this scene as we will be seeing you guys next week once more!

Watch these mean mistresses kicking slave’s balls!