Dahila Rain & Alexis Grace Playing With Their New Slave!

Hey there and welcome back. In this club dom.com update we have Dahila Rain & Alexis Grace and their new slave. The hot two mistresses found a new toy boy to play around with and they had an amazing time. The girls took him down in the basement, but don’t think that it was a usual basement. They put all kind of toys in it and it was more like a torture room. The guy was a bit scared when he first saw it but that didn’t stop him from getting down with the mistresses. So the girls undressed him and started playing with him in all kind of ways. So don’t miss out the hot hunk getting undressing and humiliated , but he sure enjoyed every second of it. Enjoy it and don’t forget to get back for more!


Watch here these two mistresses playing with their slave!

Mistresses: Alexis Grace , Dahila Rain