Ophelia Rain & Elena Sin Teasing Their Slave!

Ophelia Rain and Elena Sin are this week’s duo of superb babes that get to have their fun with a sexy stud. Both of them are brunettes with superb bodies and as all the mistresses here, you can bet that they have a thing for black latex outfits as well. So let’s watch them as they take their time to have fun with this new addition to the whole thing. You can see them as they will get to tease him as much as they want today and they sure take their time with it as well. Let’s get the cameras rolling and let’s see them in action shall we?

As the scene starts, you can see that this one takes place outdoors as well. Watch closely and enjoy the view as the babes make their entry first. Then the guys follows shortly after and it doesn’t take that long for them to start the whole thing. Watch as they get around to undress him and have him sitting on his knees. Then you can watch the babes as they flank him and they start to be naughty and tease him with their sizzling hot bodies as well. Enjoy the view that they give you today and rest assured that you will see the two babes in the future as well!

Ophelia Rain & Elena Sin

See these kinky mistresses teasing their slave!

Mistresses: Elena Sin , Ophelia Rain