Slap down the male bitch

Clubdom  had a treat for the mistresses at the mansion today. They got a fresh new man slave to toy around and torture. The guy had no idea what he was getting himself into, as he doesn’t know how severely he’ll be punished if he takes a wrong step in the eyes of these sexy dominatrix’s. Surely enough they’ll just have their way with him like they always do. In any case the two sexy and hot semi nude babes were about to teach this guy how to be submissive and he didn’t have any say in it at all.

sexy mistresses slapping their submissive guy

Well to be fair, we bet that any man that would get to be in the company of these two babes for the afternoon would do what ever they said anyway. How could you not to, when two amazingly beautiful and cute babes order you around wearing just latex corsets and thigh high boots today. Enjoy seeing them slapping him around, and see them teasing him with their superb and sizzling hot bodies for the whole scene this afternoon. We will be seeing you once more next week with another superb and sexy update!

Watch these sexy mistresses slapping their submissive guy!